From a friend-based Team to an Esport Organization – The Journey begins!

Madsport Esports was founded on February 13th, 2019. Madsport, originally called, was founded by Kevin “Char0n” Johansen along with some of his friends. Back then, Madsport was just a friend-based team who shared the same goal – To become professional players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Today, Madsport Esports is a Danish Esport Organization that aims to become the top Esport club, housing some of the best Players and Talents. Management and Players both share dedication and passion for Esports, which gives the Organization the drive to chase the Dream of becoming the absolute elite in Denmark. The Organization has since then expanded to become a Multi-Gaming Organization.

We believe in our players’ full potential, their talent, and the future of Esports.

“Our Journey is our Glory, sit back and #FearTheMadness” – Madsport Esports.


Kevin ‘Char0n’ Johansen

Chief Executive Officer

David ‘BullDog’ Bozok

Chief Operating Officer

Kareem ‘Kareem’ Koleilat


Kaan ‘Kaan’ Koc

Management and Techniques

Andreas ‘Drex’ Orelius

Graphic Designer

André Olsen


Christoffer ‘ko5te’ Kostelac

Head Coach For CSGO Main

Søren ‘ZopPet’ Petersen

Head of Talent

Thorsten ‘MpiRe’ Gröbke

Analyst for CSGO Main

Peter ‘Beggo’ Røjkjær

Coach For CSGO Youngsters

Martin ‘Pr0Bea8t’ Christensen