We at Madsport are proud to present the five new players and the coach who will be representing us in the next season!

With a combination of experience from the in-game leader and team captain tekziNz and coach ko5te and the firepower of four young and hungry players in mahhe, buNNy, hAnsi, and XX we are ready to take the scene by storm!

The teamwork between ko5te and tekziNz, with their strategic knowledge and experience of the game will surely prove to be an asset and something for our opponents to fear!

We will be competing in ESEA Main and the top division in Dust2’s POWER League!

With all that said, we are proud and happy to welcome our new main team!

  •  Philip “tekziNz” Karsbøl (IGL)
  •  Andreas “hAnsi” Hansen (AWP)
  •  Sigurd “buNNy” Fritzbøger (Riffler)
  •  Malthe “mahhe” Bendtsen (Riffler)
  •  Peter “BloMMeN” Blume (Riffler)
  •  Christoffer “ko5te” Kostelac (Coach)