This offseason has been a rollercoaster, from the ups of finishing the last season with a playoff run in the, now named POWER Liga 1st Division, to the building of a new roster, we can proudly shed some light upon before the start of next season!

To get some insight into the team and the philosophy behind it, we conducted a small interview with the CEO of Madsport Kevin “Char0n” Johansen:

What is your first impression with this current roster?

“From the hard work that has been put into creating this roster, where the focus has been on the players being able to work together both on and off the server, as well as work with the people behind the scenes. I am very happy and satisfied. There is big personalities on all of the players, and on a personal level, they work well together and they fit into the philosophy we want to create at Madsport. It is a roster that can create a good atmosphere, positive vibes and perform at a high level on the server”

What is the goal for this roster in the upcoming season?

“For ESEA Main, our primary goal is to hit Playoffs and for’s POWER Ligaen 1st Division the goal is to hit top 3. It has been a journey to finalizing this roster, with the announcement only two weeks before the season starts- The boys have a short time to finalize a map pool and be ready to compete and they have my complete faith that they will perform to at the highest level come season start.”

Do you think it is feasible to achieve these goals?

“From what the team has showed me so far, from their commitment and their work ethic, I am positive that the goals set for this team is realistic. There are a lot of good teams in both ESEA and 1st Division and we are not underestimating any opponent. With that said, I am certain that we can end in the good end of the table, with the premise of going all the way to playoffs.”

  • Kevin “Char0n” Johansen, CEO

Furthermore, we asked a couple of questions to Madsport’s new In-Game-Leader and Captain Rasmus “PihlZinh0” Pihl:

You had a great influence in building this roster, can you put some words into what you were looking for in your new teammates?

“Mostly, I looked for players who fit together socially, afterwards I looked into players who had the availability to pour in enough time into the game and players who has respect for each other. Lastly, I looked at the mentality, if they had a positive attitude during practice etc. and how they took critique. I feel like we have gathered a group of players who has a good combination of humour, attitude and a grind mentality and with players who have a high level of play.”

What are your personal expectations of next season POWER Ligaen 1st Division and ESEA?

“The aim for me is always to win every match and move up to the highest division. Realistically in 1st Division, I want to end in the top half of the league and would like to hit playoffs. For ESEA is my personal goal to hit playoffs.”

  • Rasmus “PihlZinh0” Pihl, IGL & Captain

Lastly, we interviewed the young gun of the team, Christian “Griller” Sørensen, to hear about his first impressions of Madsport and why he chose to join the roster:

What were your first impressions of Madsport?

“It seemed like a really good place, where they have a great community. All their members knows each others and as an org they have their focus on developing the teams and treat their players well”

Why did you choose to join Madsport? Are there some significant factors that made you join the team?

“Madsport felt like the right fit for me, the people involved in the project seemed very committed. A big factor was of course the players they had already assembled and I am super grateful to be a part of this project and can’t wait to go on this journey with the team. Everyone involved seemed super dedicated and shows a high level of play on the server, who can go all the way!”

  • Christian “Griller” Sørensen, Riffler

And a message to the fans from our CEO:

“I want to personally thank all of the people following us and those who are interested in our project! A big part of the many hours we put into the project, is for you! We want you to know that your support has not gone to waste, and we will bring you some entertaining Counter-Strike and some great results. The many hours that are getting poured into the team now is to prepare the team to take the season by storm! So, hold onto your horses, it’s going to be a banger of a season!”

  • Kevin “Char0n” Johansen, CEO

Without further ado, we are ready to present the team representing Madsport in the next season, and hopefully seasons to come:

Rasmus “PihlZinh0” Pihl (IGL & Captain)
René “ZorenZen“ Sørensen (AWP)
Christian “Griller” Sørensen (Riffler)
Sebastian “Slize” Lise (Riffler)
Magnus “Mags” Andersen (Riffler)

Support these guys as you have been supporting us since the establishment of Madsport and let’s reek some havoc in the next season!