We are releasing our main CS:GO lineup and therefor are the contracts terminated with immediate effect.

It’s with sad feelings that we are releasing our players, who has given so much to the organization, both as Players and friends. The decision comes from a equal decision within the management, who has decided that Madsport will start fresh with a new core.

We want to thank PihLziNh0 for building this team up, on such a short notice before ESEA Main and Dust2 Elgiganten League start. It has been a hard run, with many ups and downs through these last couple of months.

We are very happy that we had the opportunity to get to know Griller and Slize, who have brought a lot of joy and dedication to make this project work out, despite a lot of officials who would affect the practice and social life, they would give a lot to the Team to be as ready as possible.

Both Boring and Seal was being promoted from our Academy team to the main lineup, but sadly the journey will end here. They are two very young players, who share a lot of great talent for CS:GO, they all surely do on this roster.

We wish all of them the best of luck in the future. We can only vouch for every single one of them. It has been a pleasure to have you in Madsport.

›› Rasmus “PihlziNh0” Pihl
›› Christian “Griller” Sørensen
›› Sebastian “slize” Lise
›› Bunyamin “Boring” Patat
›› William “seal” Westh