With the latest addition of f1kton, Vedstedd, and Buzz this core will be a fresh beginning for us as an organization. Not long ago we also picked up both zhAME and JUNGLAU. This gives us the opportunity to start anew and make goals for 2021 that are necessary for our players and us as an organization to achieve.

An interview has been prepared for the occasion with both the Team Captain zhAME and young gun Buzz.

Interview with the captain, zhAME

Question: Recently you and JUNGLAU were the newest players on our active lineup and a few days ago three players were removed from the roster to make space for f1kton, Vedstedd, and Buzz. What are your thoughts on adding those three new players to the lineup and what will it mean for the core?

Mads ‘zhAME’ Bech answer: Firstly, I want to explain. Obviously, this statement will probably be considered shocking when three players are benched effective immediately. Before JUNGLAU and I got acquired by Madsport and even longer before that, we have had talks with f1kton, Vedstedd and Buzz about the possibility of teaming up, but we never got the opportunity. We both played on different teams, but with the news from Sera Esport letting go of two players in their active lineup, we saw an opportunity with these three players as they reached out to JUNGLAU and I. I can’t deny it is bad timing with the recent announcement of the Madsport roster, but the offer and the skills that these players are bringing in is simply too good not to accept. Therefore, I want to welcome this mad-core to the active team, and I can’t wait to play the upcoming seasons!

Interview with the 17-year-old rifler, Buzz

Question: Both you Buzz, f1kton and Vedstedd are joining as a three-man core. How long have you been playing together as a unit?

Christian ‘Buzz’ Andersen answer: We have all been playing Faceit and qualifiers as a mix for around eight months. f1kton and I have just played in Sera Esport for a couple of months.

Question: You are the youngest Player on the whole Team, 17 years of age. How long have you been playing CS:GO for, and what are your ambitions?

Christian ‘Buzz’ Andersen answer: I have been playing CS for around 9 years, and I started out playing on community servers in Counter-Strike: Source. When CS:GO came out I played on and off until around one year ago where I started to play more seriously. This gives me great ambitions to aim for the absolute top level in CS:GO.

Question: What are your thoughts on 2021? When will you and the boys be playing Dust2 Elgiganten Ligaen Division 1, ESEA Main, and in general other tournaments and qualifiers?

Christian ‘Buzz’ Andersen answer: From what I’ve seen and experienced with this lineup throughout different qualifiers where we have played against well-known and strong teams without even having one practice session as a team, I fully expect and believe that we can get promoted to either Elgiganten Ligaen or ESEA Advanced – hopefully both.

There is no doubt that both zhAME, Buzz, and the rest of this core are ready for 2021 and to conquer as a Team.

Mads ‘zhAME’ Bech
Laurits ‘JUNGLAU’ Koch
Christian ‘Buzz’ Andersen – New
Uffe ‘Vedstedd’ Vedsted – New
Nicolaj ‘f1kton’ Sørensen – New

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