The decision to replace Jipsi, H3ZZ, and pace has been very tough to make. But the organization alongside both zhAME and JUNGLAU has agreed that it is in everyone’s best interest to part ways with the aforementioned players and to start anew fresh core.

It is important for us to make a full statement on the main reasons for making a decision like this. Since obviously many would question the decision made.

Over a longer period of time, we have had to accept, that patience was all we had for this core. The original core went from five original players to two original players and over time there has been benched, transfers and quitted players. This has caused a lot of struggle to get things to work and in general issues to some of the players over time in their personal life, which is something that we have accepted for quite a long time now. When zhAME and JUNGLAU received an offer from three Players who they really saw them self playing with through a long period of time, then we had to see this as a great opportunity to start fresh with new talented players on board. Which is a huge factor in our decision on supporting zhAME and JUNGLAU in this new project. Likewise when Manitou was picked up back in the early mid 2020, we did truly believe in them and gave them all the support and they did really deliver and give back a lot of great memories to share. This is in general the same situation, we truly want to add our focus on starting fresh and to believe in a new project.

The whole roster change came in a very short notice and wasn’t something that was planned over a longer period of time. 24 hours before the decision of go along with a new project. There has been a lot of discussion within the management about the options to make and the future of the representing active core. But the end result was to let pace, Jipsi and H3ZZ go and to terminate the contract so they weren’t hung up on a contract for another half year.

It has been amazing to work with the three of them, and we have many great memories of our time together with them on the team. Mikkel ‘pace’ Sørensen has been playing for our main lineup for around one and a half years, and both Mikkel ‘Jipsi’ Hastrup and Frederik ‘H3ZZ’ Pedersen have been playing for us for more than six months. They have given so much to the organization, both in results, helping out of young teams and in general been fantastic towards the whole management. We want to give our deepest thanks to all three of them, and we wish them the best of luck in the future. We will never forget the feeling when we first did sign them and how goals was set for reaching the moon. They have delivered skill on the server and a time that will be remembered of our first signing of very talented and skilled players with huge personalities.

Once again thank you for all your commitment over many months of hard work and effort as a team. You are all amazing players with huge personalities.

Active Roster is:
Mads ‘zhAME’ Bech
Laurits ‘JUNGLAU’ Kock