Over a longer period of time. Visiting www.Madsport.gg wasn’t an possibility until now. The reason of the longer down time on our website, was because of the decision to stop the collaboration with another company. We had our own ideas and thoughts to stand out with our website, which they couldn’t deliver caused by their own politics and their own designs. We as a brand and company of course respected their politics, but it would be without us as a partner.

André Olsen is part of our development Team within Madsport and has been doing a fantastic job when it comes to programming and website development for us.

We want to give him that extra credits for making this good looking website, with fantastic details and lots of thoughts put into the project. There is no doubt that this website is the most beautiful and best detailed website we have ever had.

Thank you so much and hopefully all of you out there is as fund of this lovely website as we are. #FearTheMadness