Today we are announcing the transfer of Jacob “Ankjaer” Larsen, who will be joining Team JerseyBoys and is being transferred to them at November 5th 2020. Former Madsport Player RalleR is playing for Team JerseyBoys and we are happy for Ankjaer to join them alongside a close friend. Ankjaer will be playing Dust2 Elgiganten Ligaen were the roster currently is undefeated and has defeated all the Teams in the group currently the rest of the season.

Founder and CEO, Kevin Johansen, had the following to say about the transfer of Ankjaer

The transfer of Ankjaer, has been something I have been talking with Ankjaer about before. Ankjaer received an offer from Team JerseyBoys long time ago, but refused the offer back then. 

Due to some intern roster issues which aren’t stated publicly anywhere, he decided to accept the new offer from JerseyBoys, after a longer period of personal talk between Ankjaer and the management. 

The main reason for this transfer to happen is because of some intern roster issues who weren’t being handled and solved properly over time, I cannot share the information of the issues publicly. The issues on this roster haven’t been something people could see or get a feeling of outside and inside our organization  and for that I want to share my gratitude to all the Players for delivering Elite Performance of CS:GO and that the issues didn’t affect their skill and professionalism. 

Ankjaer will be playing ESEA Advanced which he is excited to participate in and we do understand that this is what he wants and that he will give it a try to play as an international Esport athlete and not planted to his Danish roots only. We do always support our Players in their needs and we know that this isn’t an planned exit, but a decision that came up in a short time.

Does the organization have an early replacement of Ankjaer or any thoughts for a replacement for Ankjaer?

Since the level of skill and ambitions are very high on this roster, we have had a few Players on our mind. It is a progress that will take time, but we do have some interesting personalities in our sight that could be a perfect match for Madsport and this roster. There is no doubt that the person we will add to our active roster is a player who can deliver a level of raw skill and a professional mindset for Esports.

The transfer agreement and other general information, is part of the Deal alongside JerseyBoys and Anjaer and will not be published for the public. We do wish former Spartans Ankjaer and RalleR good luck in their International Esport Career and with that said Madsport will continue to dominate and focus on the end goal. #FearTheMadness

Jacob “Ankjaer” Larsen, 2020