Today we are excited to announce a new rendition of the Madsport main roster. Welcome zhAME & Junglau, our two most recent signings.

The signing of two new players has been a decision in the making for a long time. We needed someone experienced and smart who is capable of a high level of fragging, but also someone who would fit in with the rest of the team and improve our team chemistry long term.

Therefore, we are very happy to announce the acquisition of zhAME and JUNGLAU, because we believe the two of them are just what we have been looking for. On top of being great players individually, they also have a history of playing with some of the players on the current roster. We are very lucky both as a team and as an organization to have them both on board, and we can’t wait to see them player under the Madsport banner for the first time.

We have prepared an interview below to make you as excited as we are about JUNGLAU and zhAME and of course also to answer some of the questions you might have about them and give you a better idea of who these two players are.

After the Transfer of Ankjaer and Carlsonnnnn who benched him self for personal reasons, how has it been to work alongside zhAME and JUNGLAU as official team mates?

H3ZZ answer: We already know our two new Team Mates very well. They will add a lot of firepower and are both strong on the AWP and Riffle, which is very good for our team. zhAME will help out calling and strategies, while JUNGLAU’s strength is in his raw aim, where he often can win an eco round on his own hand.

As an organization we know that you guys have had your eyes on both zhAME and JUNGLAU for quite some time now. Can you explain your emotions on this package added to the team?

H3ZZ answer: When Ankjaer and Carlsonnnnn left, then we didn’t see anyone else filling out the spots beside JUNGLAU and zhAME, who would be able to get directly in and make a difference on our team. It was a huge relief when we finally added them to our roster.

There is no doubt that this roster will be ready to deliver performance against the opponents they will meet in ESEA, Dust2, qualifiers and other Leagues.

This is what the CEO of Madsport Esports, Kevin Johansen, had to say regarding JUNGLAU, zhAME and the new core.

Our add of both JUNGLAU and zhAME to our core, will be dangerous for our opponents and if people expect to go big against our Players, they will fall short again. I can only speak for my self, but at same time I am quite sure that our management will agree on this one, when I tell you guys out there, that we are very excited of this and what this core will bring to the table.

I have high expectations for our Players and Madsport in general in 2021. It will take some time for them to get a feeling as a team on the different maps. The boys have already practiced for few weeks now and had a successful bootcamp. We are excited for 2021 and to show off the muscle of these five players together. I personally believe that this Team will deliver hard in Dust2 Elgiganten Ligaen Division 1, ESEA Main and other tournaments in 2021. I know that we have five individual strong and talented players, who has the gift of both brain, team mindset and firepower.

We are presenting to you our main roster, who is ready to conquer:
Mikkel ‘pace’ Sørensen
Frederik ‘H3ZZ’ Pedersen
Mikkel ‘Jipsi’ Hastrup
Mads ‘zhAME’ Bech – New
Laurits ‘JUNGLAU’ Kock – New